Meet Camp Counselor Ella

Ella Dziedzic 2Ella has studied dog psychology and behavior for many years. In November of 2017, she knew that Camp Bow Wow could help take her training to the next level so Ella joined our Pack!

Ella’s favorite part of her job is being able to influence the Campers and the play yards in a positive way. She also enjoys being around the variety of breeds and their corresponding energy levels!

At home, Ella has a four-year-old Maltese named Louie that she rescued. She also has a nine-year-old bird named Carly, and a Beta fish named Loompa. Ella has had Loompa for over two years and he is still going strong!

Outside of Camp, Ella enjoys keeping herself busy in her free time. You can typically find her reading novels or at the gym. Ella also spends the wealth of her time exercising dogs. In the summers, Ella straps on her roller blades and takes a pack of her neighborhood dogs for a four-mile run daily!