Summertime Hazards

cute poodle chihuahua mix senior female dog rolling in clover grSummer is known for being hot, hot, hot! When you are out and about with your fur-iend this summer, keep in mind these hazards that come with warm weather:

  • Dehydration – Make sure your dog has access to water – Inside and outside! Don’t forget to refill the bowls with cool water regularly.
  • Outside Critters – While most may be harmless, one can never be too safe! Keep your yard tidy and avoid areas that have tall grass/junk piles (where critters like to keep cool).
  • Sidewalks – It is easy to forget about how hot the sidewalks get because we are wearing shoes, but think twice before you take your pup on a long walk! Scout out routes that have shade/grassy areas so that the pads of your dog’s feet don’t have to be on the pavement for long periods of time.
  • Cars – We are all guilty of running an errand and leaving our fur-children in the car. The summer heat makes cars get extremely hot very quickly, so avoid leaving them in the car altogether!
  • Heat – Don’t leave your dog outside for extended periods of time. Even if they have water, make sure they have access to the air conditioning so they can cool down!

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