Circuit Training At Camp!

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit Training consists of 30 minutes of mental stimulation through obedience, leash walking, and agility training. This breaks up your pup’s daycare day and allows them to have one-on-one attention with our trainer. We compare 30 minutes of mental stimulation to about 10 minutes of physical exercise – training continues to tire your pup out and helps burn those mental calories!

Who can benefit from Circuit Training?

Every dog can benefit from a Circuit Training class! Circuit Training is especially great for dogs:

  • who experience boredom and separation anxiety.
  • who are intelligent and need extra mental stimulation.
  • who need practice with obedience commands in distracting environments.
  • who are nervous and would enjoy one-on-one attention, praise, and treats.

When are classes offered?

Classes are offered every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with specific focuses for each day. We work on a variety of commands, tricks, and obedience skills during the 30 minute session.

  • Tuesday is obedience training focused.
  • Wednesday is leash walking focused.
  • Thursday is tricks and agility focused.

Call us or inquire at the front desk if you have additional questions. We highly recommend trying the Circuit Training classes out so you can see your pup improve both at home and in new and distracting situations!


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