Most Improved Campers

CBW SCS Most Improved Collage

Lil’ Campers

Blake – When Blake first started at Camp Bow Wow, he was just coming in for a training evaluation in the hopes that we could help him with training at home. Blake was a rescue, and had bad anxiety that was expressed in negative ways. We working with Blake and slowly gained his trust, which allowed us to slowly introduce him to other Campers in our controlled Camp environment. Blake is now always ready to see his friends and runs directly to the play yard! It is safe to say he is a completely different dog than the one that started with us!

Pumpkin Cookie – Pumpkin has always interacted well with other dogs, but her desire to lay on a blanket in the office was greater! Pumpkin would take every opportunity to try and escape the play yard to be able to sit with our front desk staff. We are proud to say that Pumpkin now enjoys spending time in the play yard, and has made more friends than ever! Pumpkin still gets to have her break in the office when she eats her lunch, but as soon as it is time to go back into the yard, she cannot wait to chase her BFF Parker!

Main Camp

Skittles – When Skittles first came to Camp she was very nervous and unsure of the new environment she found herself in. With some extra love and affection from her Camp Counselors, Skittles quickly came out of her shell! Now she can’t get enough cuddles and belly rubs. She has graduated from our teacup yard and moved on to the small yard, and has made countless friends in the process!

Goose – Back in November, Goose needed quite a bit of coaxing to go into the play yards. Now after months of practice and patience he loves to go back and play! Goose spends his days at Camp romping through the play yards barking and making sure he is heard by everyone!



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