CBW St. Clair Shores’ Best Attendees

CBW SCS Best Attendance Collage


Sonny is a ten-year old yellow Lab who loves coming to Camp and comes almost every day! Sonny is a very well-behaved boy who enjoys sunbathing and taking naps in the play yards. Sonny gets a ride home in our transit vehicle every day he comes to Camp and looks forward to it all day long! He knows to expect a treat when in the transit and it would be an understatement to say Sonny LOVES them!

Trini and Chinfa are two yellow Lab sisters who also enjoy coming to Camp every day! Four-year old Trini enjoys laying on the play equipment in the yards and sniffing out everyone’s food as she walks past occupied cabins. Two-year old Chinfa loves to play and chew on her sister’s ears. Both girls get picked up for Camp and dropped back off at home in our transit vehicle daily – they ride in style!


Rosco is a nine-year old Dachshund who comes to visit us all the way from Ann Arbor! He is a Member at Camp Bow Wow Lil’ Campers and has made so many friends! Rosco loves to bark and jump at the trucks that drive by – and this boy can jump! We love to watch his ears flap in the wind as he comes back down to the ground.

Pumpkin is an eight-year old Shih Tzu with a big personality! Pumpkin loves to come to Camp so much, when her dad tells her “It’s time to go see the girls”, she springs up and knows it is time to go. Although Pumpkin prefers to supervise the play yards and keep the young-ins in line, every so often her best friend Parker can get her to play!


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