CBW St. Clair Shore’s Smallest Pups

CBW Smallest CollageMain

Lola – This adorable little girl weighs in under ten pounds, but has a lot of energy! Lola enjoys coming to Camp because she loves running. It is definitely one of her favorite things to do. When she is not running around with all of the other Campers, practicing her vertical, or cuddling, she loves giving kisses! She is super sassy, and has an adorable little gremlin bark. Lola loves being loved on, and she always has her mom’s lipstick kiss on her cheek.

Noodle – This sweet guy loves to come to Camp! From the moment he steps paw in Camp, he runs right to the door and starts barking if his Camp Counselors are not able to let him into the back fast enough, and of course he heads straight for the play yards. Not only is Noodle adorable, but he is cuddly and enjoys laying in laps and resting his head on shoulders. He is true to his name! His entire body wiggles like a noodle when he gets excited!


Kedzie – Although she is very small, she can play with the best of them! Kedzie weighs under eight pounds but has no problem making friends – no matter what their size is. She has a very high pitched loud bark that she uses to get the attention of her Camp Counselors. One of her favorite things to do is give back massages by putting her paws on the backs of her human friends! They simply lay down and let Kedzie do all of the work!

Zipper & Little Foot – These two sisters are not only tiny, but also inseparable! Both girls weigh under eight pounds and could not be any cuter. Zipper just graduated from puppy class, and Little Foot graduated from her CBW training a few years ago. Now these well mannered girls like to follow each other around the play yards at Camp! When they aren’t cozied up to each other, they enjoy sniffing around the play yards and meeting all of the Campers!


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