Winter Tips For Your Pup!


dog, winter, snow, cold, frost, snowflakes, nature, animalThe Humane Society of the United States provides suggestions for multiple ways to protect pets this winter. Here are three that are most relevant to you and your pup:

  • Keep Your Dog Sheltered
    • Constantly check the weather and make sure that your pup is not left outdoors when the temperature drops. Frequent walks and exercise will keep your dog active but keep them inside the rest of the time. If they are outside for long periods of time, make sure their dog house is protected against the weather!
  • Bundle Up and Wipe Down
    • When you do go outside, dress them up in their cute sweaters! Every layer of warmth will help. When you go back inside, take the time to wipe down their paws so their pads do not get irritated from the rock salt and other common winter time chemicals. This will prevent them from licking their paws and spreading the irritation to their mouths.
  • Use Plastic Food and Water Bowls
    • When the temperature is low, your dog’s tongue can slick and freeze to metal bowls. Also, constantly check to make sure that the water is fresh and not frozen!

To read the full article, click here!


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