National Kids And Pets Day

It’s National Kids And Pets Day and while we love both our two legged and four legged children it’s important to keep everyone safe and living together in PAW-fect harmony.

Did you know that 77% of dog bites come from a family or friends dog? Most parents describe a dog bite as coming from “out of nowhere” or “all of a sudden” but that simply isn’t the case.

Most dogs give plenty of warning when they’re feeling uncomfortable and are going to bite, we just don’t always know how to listen to what they’re saying and our limited knowledge of “speaking dog”. Parenting means being an advocate to both our two legged and four legged children and guide them in communicating with each other, when the time is right.

Think you know what your dog is saying? Watch this video, then think again!

If you think your family “speaks dog” check out these other great videos from and then take the test. How did your family do?


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