Camper Of The Month: Rambo S. “The Evil Genius”

rambo camper of the month collage

Dubbed, “the evil genius” by his Mom, Rambo is a Doberman Pincher that’s almost a year old. This crazy Camper truly lives up to his title and makes being mischievous really, really funny.

Rambo’s evil genius has us all confused as to whether he’s predominantly evil or genius. For instance, imagine if you will that Rambo is a daycare member and comes to Camp everyday, Monday through Friday. Now imagine it’s Saturday morning, and your Rambo’s mom and you’re trying to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee on the couch, and in comes Rambo, barreling through the living room with his “Camp bag” in his mouth, running laps around the coffee table. No matter how much you try to convince him that it’s NOT a “Camp day” he continues to try to convince you that it is, and you need to take him to Camp immediately. Is he evil for interrupting coffee time or genius for being so hilarious, while also being mischievous?

We should have known from the first day we met him that he was going to be a mischievous. I mean, after all he smiled in his interview photo, actually smiled, teeth and all. What kind of puppy poses like that?

Saying Rambo loves to play is an understatement, and he’s quite the Casanova. He likes to play with pairs of blondes, preferably siblings, at the same time. Some of his favorites are Golden Retriever sisters Daisy and Lily and sisters Ellie and Lulu (also Golden Retrievers). He prefers the longer haired blondes but in a pinch the shorter haired Lab sisters Trini and Chin will do.

When Rambo isn’t cracking us up at Camp he’s at home trying to convince his Mom to bring him to Camp. Rambo just celebrated his first birthday; we look forward to many more years of evil genius behavior!


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