Love Your Pet Day: How To Show Dogs Love

ST77 posterTomorrow is National Love Your Pet Day and it’s important to remember that dogs process affection differently than humans and showing a dog love in the wrong way could lead to a bite and forever change your relationship, and not for the better!

Here’s a few things you should know about how dogs feel about physical human affection:

  • Dogs don’t like hugs: It might be hard to believe and accept but it’s true, dogs don’t like hugs. especially from strangers. Dogs can feel confined, trapped and threatened when being hugged which can bring out the worst in them. Small dogs are especially tempting to hug, but it puts your face right in their face…which is incredibly threatening and dangerous.
  • Listen to your dog: Yes, you heard me correctly; listen to your Dog! Your dogs body is telling you more than a voice ever could. Watch their eyes, ears, tail, body movement and hair (especially around the neck). Learn the warning signs and educate others to keep you and your dog safe. Did you know 77% of dog bites come from the family dog or a friends dog?
  • Respect their space and their stuff: Kids learn at a young age that sharing means caring but dogs lack the logic to understand that. Be especially careful of your dogs belongings and use caution when moving or removing an item that is your dogs. Dogs can be possessive of toys, food, blankets and even people.

How to show your dog love instead:

  • A scratch by the neck or behind the ear: A good ole’ scratch around the neck or behind the ear will send most dogs into a frenzy of delight (foot thump and all!) You’ll know when you hit the right spot because the dog will push into your hand for more affection. If a dog shy’s away during petting, that’s a sign that they’d like you to stop.
  • A new toy: Nothing says I love you like a new toy or bone! Stop by our retail area at Camp to pick out a new bone, toy or even a leash/collar combo to show your dog you care!
  • A SPA-w day: While it’s not every dogs favorite thing, you’ll sure love the way they smell after a nice SPA-w day at Camp! Treat them to a bath and nail trim, or a deep conditioning, de-shedding hydro bath if your dog is double coated! They’ll be looking and feeling PAW-some!

Be sure to check out stop the 77 for great information on how to show your dog love and prevent dog bites.


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