Top 5 Reasons To Brush Your Dogs Teeth

Dachshund dog holding a toothbrush.

February is Pet Dental Health Month! Here’s five reasons you should take your canine’s dental health seriously:

  • To keep plaque away: Bacteria can build up on your dogs teeth just like it can with your own. Imagine if you didn’t brush your teeth! It’s more than just keeping those incisors sparkling, bad dental hygiene can lead to bacteria coursing through your canines blood and can cause serious illness.
  • To check for cracks: Although it may not seem possible, your dog’s teeth can crack and cause decay and serious pain. This could cause a change in temperament for your dog as they’re unable to vocalize if they are in pain.
  • Keep breath fresh: Unfortunately, dog toothpaste is made specifically for dogs so you might not find that minty fresh finish you’ve been dreaming of but the meaty flavor of your dogs toothpaste will make it enjoyable for them and keeping plaque away will help with the germs that cause bad breath.
  • Keep the gums in good condition: Keeping an eye on the color and condition of your dogs gums will help alert you to their overall general health. If you notice a change in the gum color or texture (bleeding, etc.) consult your veterinarian immediately.
  • Prevent painful and expensive extractions: Just like any medical issue left unattended, the risk of infection is higher which can increase pain, sensitivity and recovery time. Prevention is key for dental health!

Don’t forget to brush those chompers!


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