Meet The Pack: Our Lil’ Camper Chewy

Meet The Pack: Chewy N.

Hi, My name is Chewy, I’m out to prove that age ain’t nothin’ but a number and you’re as young as you feel. Being the singer/dancer/songwriter that I am, I feel about 2 years old on the inside but technically I’m 10 years old.

I keep young with my singing and dancing, I’m known for my signature dance, which has been coined “the paw”. I can do it forward, backward and even in circles and sometimes I even sing AND dance at the same time, I’m really quite talented.IMG_1400

I was born in 2005 and have been coming to Camp since 2007. I love Camp…there’s always a PAW-ty going down there with plenty of ladies to make swoon and dudes to make jealous. Sometimes it gets a little loud and I can’t really perform at my best as a solo artist because all the other dogs join in. I really enjoy the spotlight so it kind of puts a damper on my mood.

In Jan., 2016, Camp Bow Wow opened a new place just for small dogs like me, called Lil’ Campers. Since I’m kind of a big deal I was happy to be the first one to get to mark my territory (literally, I love to mark).

IMG_1395I was a solo artist for a day or two until I felt the place was up to par. I had a lot to do before opening. I had a huge dance floor I had to test out, I was able to test the acoustics for my new solo album and I had to break in all the new furniture and get it all feng-shui.

Once I gave my paw of approval, we welcomed some other surprisingly young senior citizens, Rapunzel and Izzy who also needed overnight accommodations. I showed them how the whole Camp thing works, since it was their first ever Camp visit.

IMG_1479I know you aren’t supposed to tell a lady’s age, but Rapunzel is 15 and has never been away from home overnight. She was a little nervous but once I showed her around and taught her how to Netflix and chill she had a great time. She doesn’t dance, but she does fetch and she sometimes tries to sing. She’s no American Idol but it was nice to have some backup acoustics.

IMG_1551When new Campers came to the pack I tried to teach them my dance, but it’s really more of an advanced move and not for beginners, so we started with a more novice move; the conga line. The great thing about the conga line is that you can also use it for butt sniffing.

I ended my stay in some horrible thing resembling a bath tub where they wet me down and made me look like a drown rat. I’m really not a fan of my untouched photos being out there on the internet but since I’m doing a review, I made an exception.

IMG_2635 (1)

I think it’s only fair to talk about my whole experience, even at risk of my own embarrassment.  Here I am in the tub getting a great scrub down with Oatmeal shampoo. It really helps keep my curls fresh and soft. You know what they say, “guys with curls get all the girls”!

My parents may have been the one’s in Vegas, but I’m the one who won big…at Lil’ Campers; where a (Lil’) dog can be a (Lil’) dog!

chewy collage


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