Winter Dangers for Dogs

puddle of antifreezeIn the fall, ignorance is bliss…but the cold harsh reality is that soon “cold” and “harsh” will be our reality, our winter reality.

While we’re busy checking our furnaces and trying on our boots it’s important to remember that even our furry four legged family members need winter care.

Aside from the bitter cold there are other winter dangers to consider if you have a pet:

  • Antifreeze-Antifreeze is deadly to animals so be mindful of where you’re walking and watch for puddles. Antifreeze is often spilled and puddles on the ground, which draws dogs to lick it.
  • Rock salt-a necessary evil for Michigan winters, rock salt helps us battle the ice, but the coarse crystals can cause cuts in the pads of your dogs feet or nestle in between their pads with those dangerous contents. While pet safe salt is available (it comes in small round balls as opposed to crystals) not everyone uses it. So in public areas and on walks be mindful of what your dog is walking on.
  • Wet Coat-When your dogs coat gets wet it affects the ability of the coat to keep your dog warm. Make sure you dry your dog off after they come in from out of the snow, this also helps keep your house dry…as they won’t be thawing all over your furniture!
  • Seasonal Plants-those gorgeous Poinsettias you put out for the holidays are toxic to pets, so make sure they are out of reach…out of sight, out of mind! The branches of real and artificial trees are tempting to dogs so keep an eye on how your pooch is helping you decorate for the holidays!
  • Holiday treats-Face it, the holidays are a time to fall off the diet wagon and indulge in decadent desserts. Most of those tasty ingredients are toxic to dogs. Watch your baking stash, especially where chocolate is involved and be sure no one is sneaking human treats to your dog.

If you’re looking for your dog to get some exercise during the winter months but would rather stay indoors than face the freeze, bring them in for a day at Camp! They can run around with their friends and will come home nice and tired!


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