Dog Training: Why Behavior Buddies Teaches Force Free Training

emily rewarding rallowWe love dogs and we love training them but we’re not shy to say we’ve heard of some pretty silly ideas about how to get a dog to listen! January is National Train Your Dog Month and we thought it’s just as important to look at the method of training as it is to talk about the importance of actual training.

Just as there are “fads” in pop culture, there are some in dog training as well. It’s always on to the next best thing….a magical collar your dog can’t slip out of, a harness that will make your mastiff walk as gentle as a Chihuahua, a magical remote device that will make your dog stop barking…and the list goes on and on.

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon with the newest fad that strikes our fancy, we base our dog training methods on proven science. Here’s a few reasons we chose on reward based training methods:

  • Scientifically proven method: Science has proven, through extensive study, that the more you reward a behavior, the more likely you are to see that behavior repeated.
  • To build a better bond: We love our dogs and we want them to love us too, so we reward them…because no one likes being punished!
  • To build confidence: Dogs don’t have the ability to reason like humans, so punishment based methods often lead to fear and aggression instead of learning.
  • To train reliable behaviors: Manual manipulation of a dog to get them to listen (pushing them into a sit, forcing them into a down, etc.) increases the likelihood that you’ll have manually manipulate your dog each time you want them to do something. We like our dogs to listen to our verbal and hand commands, the first time, every time. So although it may take a little longer to practice these behaviors…you’ll get that instant gratification all the time.
  • It’s fun! It’s great fun to get your dog to listen to you the first time, every time and it’s fun for your dog to be rewarded for their good behaviors. you can even use their own food as “treats” and your verbal praise and physical affection.

Our Behavior Buddies obedience classes are all 6 weeks for $150 and cover various level of obedience behaviors. All classes are reward based and taught via the clicker method. We provide the clicker with the class, but you’re in charge of using it or losing it…meaning you won’t be forced to use the clicker if you don’t want to…but we think after you learn what it’s actually for…you’ll love it as much as we do!

If you’d like to learn more about our methods of training or register for classes give us a call at Camp at 586-445-9663 or email the trainer:


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