national mutt day photoIt’s National Mutt Day! Did you know that “mutts” (mixed breed dogs) make up 75% of the animal shelter population?




Did you also know there can be huge benefits to welcoming a “mutt” into your pack?

Here’s a few reasons you should consider a mutt:

  • To save a life: Millions of dogs are euthanized each year due to over population. Mutts are overlooked by people who want “purebred” dogs. By rescuing a dog you save a life and have a hand in putting puppy mills to an end for good!
  • Mutts May Have Fewer genetic health risks: Mixed breed dogs are less prone to genetic defects that run in “pure bred” dogs.
  • Mutts Can Be Affordable Family Dogs: If you aren’t looking for a show dog, then don’t pay show dog prices! Mutts tend to have the best traits of each breed so if you have a working breed dog that’s a mix it’s more likely to be suitable for family life.
  • Mutts Give You The Best Of Multiple Breeds: We all know certain breeds have specific characteristics, some of those are great and some aren’t. When you get a mixed breed you get the best of a variety of breeds.
  • Mutts Are Unique! Variety is the spice of life and no two Mutts are alike! Dare to be different with your adorable mixed breed dog and throw breed bias out the window!

Want to show off your Mutt? Head over to our Facebook page and post a pic of your Mutt with #NationalMuttDay and tell us why you love your Mutt! If you’re looking to add to your furry pack at home, consider a Mutt from a local animal shelter like the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society.


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