The “Sit” Command: Top 5 Buts

opie sitting editedThe #1 reason we hear why people don’t register for basic obedience classes is “my dog already knows how to sit”.  I won’t lie…when you say that to a dog trainer, we’re mentally rolling our eyes and thinking “oh great, how long is going to take to re-train them to sit the RIGHT way!” because it seems the “he already knows…” comes with a long list of “but”s, here’s the top 5 “buts” we generally encounter regarding the sit command.

  • He knows how to sit BUT he only does it when he wants to
  • He knows how to sit BUT he only does it if I push his butt down
  • He knows how to sit BUT he only does it at home
  • He knows how to sit BUT will only do it for a treat
  • He knows how to sit BUT won’t do it if he’s excited

If you’ve said “YES, THAT’S MY DOG!” to any of these…know that you aren’t alone and you can benefit from basic obedience class! You want your dog to respond to any and every obedience command the first time, every time. Dogs learn by consistency and repetition and also have to learn in a variety of different environments. So if your dog doesn’t sit (or listen to any command) when he’s in a distracting environment, it’s probably because you haven’t practiced in a distracting environment. A group class gives you distractions built in and plenty of practice with a professional on hand to help you out.

Our next basic obedience class starts Tuesday, October 27th at 6 p.m. Classes are 6 weeks long for $150 and include basic obedience commands such as : sit, stay, wait, drop it, leave it, coming when called, down, no jumping and loose leash walking.

Proof of vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (canine cough) are required. Classes take place at our Training Center (23720 Greater Mack) by Pet Supplies Plus.  For more information or to register for classes give us a call at 586-445-9663 or email


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