Meet Officer Wylie: K9 Unit, Saint Clair Shores Police Department

Officer WylieWe were thrilled to be invited to the open house hosted by our friends atVCA Saint Clair Shores, and we were even more thrilled when Officer Chomos and his canine unit Wylie, showed up for a Q&A session!

We thought it only appropriate to pay tribute to our local officers who protect and serve our community 365 days a year.

Wylie is a 3 year old German Shepard from the Czech Republic that works for the Saint Clair Shores Police Department.

Wylie has been through extensive training to be certified for police work and when he’s not at work he lives with his handler, Officer Chomos.

Wylie’s intensive training started with 10 hour days that included basic obedience and specialized training in narcotics searching, tracking and handler protection (just to name a few). Although he’s passed the training program and is now a K9 unit, Officer Chomos and Wylie go to training on a weekly basis to keep Wylie’s skills sharp.

He is considered an “aggressive trained dog”, meaning he will paw, bark and draw attention to narcotics during a search as opposed to just sitting down (passive trained dog). Wylie is not “aggressive” without provocation, and has been trained to respond only to Officer Chomos, he will even stay in the car until the door is opened remotely and he’s given permission to exit the vehicle.

officer chomos and jackson with wylieDuring our brief time with Wylie and Officer Chomos, we saw Wylie respond immediately to a variety of different obedience commands, greet strangers (even small children) and pay unrelenting attention to his handler. We also had a sneak peek at what Wylie looks like when he’s told to watch a suspect (a fellow officer with a training sleeve) and let’s just say…I wouldn’t want to go up against that pair of officers!

Wylie is considered a Police Officer and has his own badge, business card and bullet proof vest.


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