Meet The Pack: Ernie K.

He’s been called many things, Scooby Doo, the horse, the gentle giant…but his real name is Ernie K.

This massive hunk of dog first darkened the doors of Camp Bow Wow during puppy social, at 12 weeks old, weighing in at a whopping 45lb. During his “growth spurt” Ernie K. gained an average of 5lb a week and currently weighs 130lbs and he’s not done growing yet!

Much like a baby Giraffe, Ernie K. struggled to learn how to use his massive legs, which at the time seemed to function like puppy stilts. Even at a young age, Ernie K. had a flair for the dramatic, often wailing in frustration when he fell over (which was pretty much all the time).  Ernie K. generously loaned his limbs to the puppy’s in class to chew on and play with, since he was on the ground anyway, with his “stilts” not working. This gentle giant often turned into the base of the puppy pile, with so many long limbs and floppy ears to chew on, he quickly became a fan favorite for all the puppies in class.

Although his growth rate was unfathomable, Ernie K. never got the memo that he’s a VERY large dog. He often gets himself stuck in places because he has no concept of his size, he’s even tried to convince us to let him play in the teacup yard (sorry Ernie K., no dice).

melman and ernieWith a Dad that’s an elementary school teacher it’s no surprise that Ernie K. loves kids, even when they dress him up in ridiculous costume accessories. You’d think with his enormous size he’d be like Hercules, but instead he’s more like Melman, the hypochondriac giraffe from the popular DreamWorks film Madagascar.


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