Meet Emily A.!

Emily A. and Ernie.jpgEmily A. has been with Camp Bow Wow since April 2015 and is a Certified Camp Counselor at both main Camp and our new Lil’ Campers facility.  She is also a Home Buddies Caregiver and transit driver.

Emily loves animals, especially dogs, so that was a big draw for her to come work at Camp. Her favorite part of working at Camp is seeing the look on a dog’s face and knowing he wants to be at Camp as much as she does!

Emily has a two-year old Neapolitan Mastiff named Stella, a one-year old Neapolitan Mastiff named Gemma, and the newest addition to her furry family, Macy.  Macy is an eight-week old Pit Bull/Beagle/Lab mix that can’t wait to come try out Camp when she’s old enough!

When Emily isn’t at work, she likes to Netflix and chill and do art projects like painting and coloring.



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