Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Your Dog

dog-marking-2Everyone knows that spaying and neutering your pet is the only way to control the pet population and reduce the euthanasia rate. Spaying and neutering also has vast health benefits for your dog.

In 2013 USA Today published an article staying that neutered male dogs live 18% longer than non-neutured male dogs and spayed females live 23% longer than non-spayed females.

Spaying and neutering has also been shown to reduce the rate of certain types of cancers. In females it greatly decreased the rate of mammarian cancer and completely eliminates uterine cancers and diseases. In males, it eliminates testicular cancers or diseases and can lower the risk of prostate cancer.

Part of the anticipated longer life span for spayed and neutered pets is because of the dangerous behaviors it reduces and eliminates. Non-neutered males tend to roam, looking for females in heat, this increases the risk of your dog being lost or of being hit by a car, etc. In most cases it also reduces males dogs from  “marking” inside your house by 90%.

Spayed and neutered animals live longer, healthier lives and the one time cost of spaying and neutering far outweighs the cost of future liters of puppies or contributing to the annual taxes that are used to deal with strays and unwanted pets.

In honor of responsible pet ownership month we’re partnering with our friends at the Pepperoni Grille to raise money and awareness for the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society (GPAAS) and All About Animals Rescue. Join us Monday, February 23rd from 11am to 10pm at the Pepperoni Grille, mention the fundraiser Spay-ghetti and no balls and the Pepperoni Grille will donate 15% of your entire bill to GPAAS and All About Animals to contribute to the cost of spaying and neutering rescue dogs.


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