We Love Our Campers! How We Keep Dogs Safe At Camp

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASafety is a primary concern at Camp and with so many different breeds and different size dogs, it’s hard to imagine such a vast mix getting along and playing together with out a problem. February is responsible pet ownership month and as a premier care provider for your dog, we wanted to assure you that we’re doing our job to be responsible for your pets when they are in our care.

How dogs get along in the play yard

We’re asked all the time how the dogs get along, as even dogs in the same household have disagreements.

The answer really is simple, we eliminate the things dogs argue over most: food and toys. All the play yards are also supervised at all times by a Certified Camp Counselor.

Eliminating possession

I don’t know about your house, but at my house toys are the hot commodity. They get stolen, hidden and protected like they were the source of life itself. Even my two sweet little dogs who are attached at the hip will duke it out over a stuffed toy with a squeaker (it’s ALL about the squeaker you know!).

Food is probably the item squabbled about most, even among siblings. Many dogs from the same family who board with us need to be separated at meal times. There may be “resource guarding” issues or it might just be that one has a bigger appetite and gets greedy. Regardless, we eliminate all food issues by not allowing food in the play yards.

The Camp environment is also unique in that there are no leashed pets and no owners. The dogs aren’t at their home and have nothing to “protect”. They don’t have to protect their home or their families, they are on neutral ground in neutral territory with no worries in sight. Camp is a place where a dog can be a dog!

Water all day, everyday

Although there is no food in the play yards, each yard has several large bowls of water that are fresh and full at all times. The water bowls are a full time job at Camp and one we take very seriously. It’s not unusual for your dog to come home from Camp exceptionally thirsty. This isn’t for lack of water. Many dogs find Camp a sensory overload their first few times and are much too excited playing and meeting new friends to take a drink from the water bowl.

We do our best to “remind” them the water bowls are there, filling them frequently, showing them where they are, etc. but you know what they say… “You can lead them to water, but you can’t make them drink”.


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