4 Ways to Keep Teeth and Gums Healthy for Life

dog smilingFebruary is Dental Health Month, which means it’s time to lavish some attention on your pet’s teeth. It’s important to take proper care of canine and feline teeth, because if left untreated, plaque and tartar buildup can progress to painful periodontal disease.

Here are 4 tips from our friends at Vetstreet to help your pet’s teeth and gums remain healthy.

  • Beware of Bad Breath: This could be a warning sign that your pet has periodontal disease or another oral disease. Other warning signs include bleeding gums, yellow or brown teeth, pawing at the mouth and loose or missing teeth.
  • Brush Your Pet’s Teeth: Start by letting your pet smell the toothbrush and pet toothpaste, then gradually work your way to brushing for 30 seconds on each side of her mouth at least every other day.
  • Consider Dental Toys, Treats and Food: While not as effective as brushing, treats, toys and food specifically designed to promote oral health will help your pet maintain healthy gums and teeth.
  • Ask Your Vet For a Dental Exam: Humans aren’t the only ones who need their chompers checked by a professional. To thoroughly examine your pet’s teeth and gums and really clean their pearly whites, they’ll need to be anesthetized.

Make dental health a priority for your pet, and it will also help to protect other organs from the damaging effects of dental disease.


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