Winter Grooming Tips

Benji hydro promoWinter weather brings it own challenges for us and our pets, including the challenge of winter grooming.

The ice and snow stick to your dogs coat, giving them that “wet dog” smell that we love so much (or not). But with the below freezing temperatures, how much grooming should dogs have in the winter?

Let’s look at the winter grooming line-up:

  • Baths-Yes, it’s O.K. to give your dog a bath in the winter, just be sure they are completely dry before going outside or being exposed to the cold. Even dogs with thick coats can be at risk of hypothermia and frost bite so take the extra time to dry thoroughly.
  • Nail Trims-Your dog may need more nail trims in the winter as their paws have less exposure to the cement than in the winter.
  • Brush Outs-Most “fluffy” dogs shed their coat several times a year and winter is no exception, it’s O.K. to continue brushing your dog out in the winter, it releases the dead follicles so healthy new ones can fill in your dogs coat.

Keep in mind your average blow dryer is going to take quite a while to get your dog dry in the winter and that air drying isn’t a feasible option. If you’d rather leave the work to us, we’re happy to groom your dog at Camp with our industrial supplies.

“Fluffy” dogs should take advantage of our deep conditioning, de-shedding treatment, the Hydro-bath, which includes a Shampoo, Condition, De-Shedding with Furminator, Ear Cleaning, Blow dry and Nail Trim with Dremel for $50.

Call us at 586-445-9663 to schedule your hydro-bath or regular bath package today!


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