It’s Time to Re-Join The Pack!

vacation_with_your_dogHoliday boarding reservations are filling up as quickly as the leaves are falling.

The holidays inevitably bring the return of the rare Camper, as well as new Campers (some who are experiencing their first ever overnight(s) away from home).

Regardless of whether you have a first time Camper or a first-time-in-a-long-time Camper, letting them warm back up to Camp and re-acclimate with the pack prior to holiday boarding is always a great idea.

Although your dog has passed the “interview” day and is welcome to take advantage of our services, absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder. Some dogs are more timid than others and the return to the sensory overload of Camp is a lot for them to take in.

A few visits to Camp prior to a holiday boarding stay is beneficial to your dog in several ways:

  • They can re-acclimate to the pack-we’re constantly adding to the pack, so bringing your dog for a few current visits for day Camp allows them make new friends and reunite with old ones. The existing pack is most likely the the group of dogs they’ll be interacting with during their boarding stay.
  • Eases their anxiety-Dogs who aren’t regularly socialized often experience separation anxiety. Day Camp days will remind your dog that you are in fact, coming back to pick them up and will allow them to get comfortable and confident prior to their stay.
  • Recall the routine-Believe it or not…there is a rhythm to the day at Camp. To you it probably just sounds like a lot of barking, but it’s actually a very strategic scheduled day. Getting your Camper back in the Camp environment prior to boarding will help them recall the routine of Camp, as it’s different than at home.
  • Turns your vacation into their stay-cation-Allowing your dog to re-acclimate to Camp prior to their boarding stay will make them much more comfortable during their stay. They will feel right at home with Camp Counselors and Campers they’ve become accustomed to and instead of being nervous and unsure they’ll be happy and confident and will have a great “stay-cation” while you have your vacation.
  • Eases your anxiety-It’s hard to leave your dog, we understand. No matter the necessity of it, parting with your dog is never an easy thing. Bringing them for Camp will make them (and you) feel better about their boarding stay. You can watch them on the Camper Cams, ask us any questions you may have at pick up and drop off and put your mind at ease before you are out of town.

It’s true that practice makes perfect and a few days of Camp will have you both ready when the “big day” for boarding drop off finally comes. If you haven’t yet done so, make your holiday boarding reservation now by contacting us or calling 586-445-9663. If your Camper hasn’t been to Camp yet, click here to submit a request for a FREE day of play!


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