Howl-O-Ween Boarding

10710773_985255658167612_4313364194492366050_nIf the thought of your dog at home during Halloween has you spooked, no worries…just give us a call and let them stay overnight with us!

We’re happy to tire your pup out all day in open play and then tuck them safely into their cozy cot for the night. A treat for them and no tricks for you…the perfect solution for a happy howl-o-ween!

Did you know that our boarding rates are all inclusive? We also have no restrictions on drop off and pick up times (it’s PAW-some, we know) so that means you can drop off at opening and you don’t have to pick up until close on your check-out day. We only charge for the night of the boarding stay (kind of like a hotel), not for the day…so let your pup stay and play! Boarding is actually a great value as it basically gives you 2 full days of daycare for $14 less.

A few things you should know about Howl-O-Ween boarding:

  • We can’t guarantee we won’t dress up your dogs in ridiculous costumes for our own amusement
  • Our Camp Fire treats might be Howl-O-Ween themed…with pumpkin of course!
  • We might make them do tricks…then we’ll give them a treat

With that official disclaimer, it’s now time to make your boarding reservation, contact us!


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