Happy Tails: Kasey F.

kasey f puppyIn July of 2011 the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society took in an emaciated 11 week old Labrador/Shepherd Mix puppy weighing only 8 lbs.

This poor little guy was afraid of everything and it was obvious he needed a foster family immediately. He was taken in by Jan and Bruce and nursed back to health. Kasey began coming out of his shell and showing affection to Bruce and Jan within 24 hours, but they were already in love with him.

In August they made it official and adopted Kasey, who was still very fearful of everything except Jan and Bruce. Kasey began coming to Camp and learning how to socialize and had consistent positive experiences with our Certified Camp Counselors. He is still shy, but is no longer terrified of everything and everyone and he has claimed his place in the play yard (usually on top of the play equipment, napping).

kasey checking inKasey has been a day member since September of 2011 and we’ve rejoiced with him as he’s found his confidence and come out of his shell. Kasey is quite expressive and uses his ears to display his wide range of emotions, he’s also not a morning dog. He can often be found pouting during early morning drop off because he’s been removed from his bed. If dogs could have coffee, we’re sure Kasey would be the first one at the pot!

Now age 3, Kasey continues to grow and learn (and comes to Camp regularly) he even took our Basic Obedience Class but we were happy when he had the nerve to bark at the other dogs!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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