Happy Tails! Hamlet

With a boxer puppy already at home, Courtney and Greg answered a plea for an emergency foster home through Home Fur Ever Rescue. The dog in need was, luckily, placed, but the next day Courtney and Greg were offered another opportunity to save a life. A 4- year old Male American Bulldog was going to be taken by Detroit Animal Control, never to be released. Courtney and Greg rushed to rescue Hamlet, with the intention of fostering. And they did.

Hamlet was extremely afraid of people and very untrusting, with breed discrimination already working against him, Courtney and Greg worried about the fate of this sweet dog. When Hamlet arrived at Camp for his free day of play at the end of February, we couldn’t even get close enough to him to remove his harness without making him uncomfortable. We gave him the space and time that he needed, and when he began coming regularly we slowly built trust with this big handsome boy. By April he let select counselors get close enough to touch his harness to remove it and would follow us into the play yard and by May he had his first bath at Camp.

He’s no longer the dog who cowers in the corner, terrified a person will approach him, he’s now the one busting in the door nearly plowing us down to go see his friends in the play yard. He’s especially fond of our Camp Counselor Matt, who also volunteers with Home Fur Ever Rescue. Matt sat with Hamlet during many adoption events before Courtney and Greg were able to take the plunge to make him an official part of the family.

4_w122_h122_s1_PR15_PCffffffThe bond with Hamlet was unbreakable and this happy family was just meant to be. Hamlet was their first foster dog and first foster failure and they likely won’t be fostering again…as they feelthey would “fail” every time. Now comfortable in his own skin, Hamlet has shown his true “ham” side and even gets dressed up for photos. With such a devastatingly handsome face and silly disposition…who wouldn’t be a foster failure! We’re proud to have been a part of this “foster failure” and love these “happy tails!”


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