Happy Tails: French Fry a.k.a. “Frenchie”

This cutie with the crooked smile and ear to match is French Fry, or as we call her,“Frenchie.” Frenchie hails all the way from India, where a U.S. military pilot rescued her from the streets of Dehli. Scared and with plenty of scars from street life, he rescued Frenchie and flew her to a U.S. Military base in Texas in October, 2011.

When he arrived in Michigan for the holidays he was hoping friends or family would be able to take Frenchie in, but it didn’t go as planned. With military deployment sending him overseas, he was unable to keep this tiny, scared Indian Pariah Dog and surrendered her to a rescue in northern Michigan to find a fur-ever family.

Shelter life wasn’t suited to French Fry, who was already having separation anxiety issues. With her extreme fear of other dogs, and pretty much everything else, the shelter situation wasn’t ideal for her. Her current rescue group reached out to our friends at the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society, hoping a foster family would be a better fit for Frenchie.

Her first foster home had other dogs, which didn’t work for Frenchie. Judging by the scars on her body when she was rescued, we can only imagine what Frenchie had to face on the streets of India. Frenchie was then placed as an only dog in a foster home with her now Mom, Christine.

Once settled into her new foster home, Frenchie at last felt comfortable enough to catch up on some much needed sleep, as she adjusted to her new surroundings. As Christine and Frenchie bonded, they began taking walks around the neighborhood and Frenchie would immediately tense up and prepare to react to an attack whenever she saw another dog. Recognizing this problem, Christine reached out to Camp Bow Wow for assistance with Frenchie’s immense fear of other dogs.

Frenchie went through private training sessions with exposure to only one or two of our trainer’s dogs. Frenchie then began coming to Camp and after consistent positive experiences, she learned that not all dogs are bad and that being part of a pack is a good thing. Frenchie continues to grow more and more confident with people and dogs and has come a long way with her trust issues.

Still struggling with separation anxiety Frenchie is either in the care of her Mom, her “Grandparents” or at Camp with her new friends. After a year and a half of building a routine that was best for Frenchie to curb her separation anxiety,  the bond with Frenchie was unbreakable and the family made it official in October, 2013.

This little Indian Pariah with the cropped ear and crooked smile is also quite the cheese connoisseur and will do anything for her favorite treat! With her new leash on life, Frenchie enjoys the great outdoors, including her favorite destination…mud puddles. With all the personality in this little dog, it’s no wonder she’s such a happy tails from a “foster failure” for her family!

Frenchi found her fur-ever home through our friends at the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society. Stop in to our Training Center tomorrow, Saturday Oct. 18 from noon to 3 to see if your next four legged family member is waiting for you!


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