Avoiding Halloween Dangers for Dogs

Trick or treat dogsWhile kids look forward to Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating, for our four legged family members this holiday is a “boo” and can also be dangerous.

Think of it from a dogs perspective…a bunch of strangers in costume are showing up at your door, begging for candy. They don’t get to beg for treats…so why do people in costumes? And why are there so many of them? And why do they smell so different? Where did they come from? Why are they here? You can see where this festive holiday is less than fun for our dogs.

Along with all the excitement are some holiday dangers and while no one solution is comprehensive here are some of our tips for avoiding Halloween dangers for your dogs.

  • Candy-Obviously candy is abundant during this time and of course the dogs will want to investigate. Be mindful of the candy bowl at all times, particularly when chocolate is involved. Also be on the look out for wrappers that the little ones may have dropped while sneaking treats from the bowl. If you have company, make sure they are also mindful of snacking around the dog and understand that people treats aren’t dog treats.
  • Anxiety-With stranger danger looming all around, the safety of their home is under invasion during Halloween. Make your dog a “safe” spot where they can be cozy and feel secure in their home, even though there’s a lot more activity than normal. A frozen Kong or special toy should keep your dog occupied and ease their anxiety. Try to stuff a Kong with your dogs favorite treat and seal it with peanut butter or canned pumpkin and freeze it. This will give your dog a tasty holiday treat to enjoy during the festivities.
  • Open doors-With activity all around it’s easy to be distracted and an open door can mean a fast escape route for your dog. Make sure your dog is wearing his collar and i.d. tags in case he does get out so he can be identified quickly. It’s probably best to keep your dog in an area where they do not have access to the door during trick-or-treating. Not everyone understands dogs and dog behavior so although your pet may be friendly, you could be risking an unnecessary danger by allowing your dog access to strangers and vice-verse. Baby gates work well to prohibit access of areas for smaller dogs, but find a space your dog can be contained to avoid being lost.
  • Have a Howl-O-Ween Stay-cation-If you’d rather not worry about your four legged children during Halloween, we’d be happy to have them stay overnight with us. They’ll get open play all day with their friends and will fall fast asleep with a Campfire treat, no tricks involved (and no cost to you!). If you’d rather have your pup at home Halloween night they can still come PAW-ty with us all day, they’ll be too tired to be naughty during your Halloween festivities! We can even pick your pup up or drop them off with our bark-n-ride shuttle service!



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