Meet Camp Counselor Brandon!

Today Is our Camp Counselor Brandon’s one-year anniversary at Camp! Happy Anniversary Brandon! While we celebrate with him, let us introduce you!

Brandon became a Certified Camp Counselor a year ago because he thought it would be fun to work with dogs. As someone who had never worked with animals, it interested him enough to give it a try…and obviously he loves it!

Brandon’s favorite part of the job is monitoring the play yards, and he prefers spending time with the larger dogs. About a year ago, Brandon fell in love with one of our rescue dogs, a handsome hound named Chubbs. Chubbs was temporarily housed at Camp through our friends at Detroit Dog Rescue. Brandon was trying to  talk his parents into adopting but Chubbs was adopted by another family. However, Chubbs wasn’t a good fit for that family, and he ended up back at Camp. Brandon knew it was meant to be and didn’t delay in filing out the adoption paperwork. Chubbs immediately fit right in at Brandon’s home, even with Pepper, the “crabby old man” (shit-au).

Brandon is one of those quiet characters who doesn’t say much, which makes him a target for a lot of friendly banter among Camp Counselors. When he’s not busy at Camp being our primary target for teasing, he’s a “warrior” on the paint ball field and enjoys spending time outdoors.


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