Next Training Class Begins October 29th!

Who wants their furry buddy to be a Behavior Buddy? 12CBW3136_BehaviorBuddies_tag_ݒ

  • What: Level 1 basic obedience commands: sit, stay, wait, drop it/leave it, come, etc.
  • When: October 29th
    • 6pm to 7pm (small dogs only)
    • 8pm to 9pm (large dogs only)
  • Where: Camp Bow Wow Training Center (23720 Greater Mack, Saint Clair Shores)
  • Why: To bring balance to you and your dogs life!
  • Who: Anyone who is interested in positive reinforcement training for their dog, 16 weeks or older and up to date on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella*
    • *Bordetella is for canine cough and is not considered a “core” vaccine, so if you haven’t specifically asked your vet to administer this vaccine, it’s likely your dog does not have it.

Level 2 class will be held from 7pm to 8pm (level 1 prerequisite)

Not Ready to run with the big dogs yet?

Is your dog under 16 weeks old? Join our Puppy Socialization Hour, Saturday mornings 9am to 10am. This is a 4 week long puppy palooza is specifically designed for puppies 10 to 20 weeks old to learn how to socialize in a controlled environment. Each week we cover valuable tips and information pertaining to puppies. The total for 4 weeks of fun is $40 and “class” will begin on September 27th.

Age appropriate vaccines are required for puppy socialization hour. All puppies should have Bordetella and their first set of boosters for Rabies and Distemper.


3 responses to “Next Training Class Begins October 29th!

  1. Monica Mourad

    Can you tell me the price for your obedience class beginning on Oct. 29th? How many weeks does it last? I have an 8 month old rescue pup I’m interested in bringing. Thx:)

  2. Feel free to give us a call to schedule a FREE day of play, we’d love to have your pup come meet the pack and get nice and tired out. We prefer to send the dogs home to tired to be naughty 😉

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