Get In The Carpool Lane For Camp!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAny Grosse Pointe Mom knows what 3:38 p.m. means…the end of the school day and time to face the pick up line. This is my most dreaded time of the day and even with a tiny car I found it nearly impossible to find a parking space and navigate the side streets, parallel parking spots and pick up only lanes for elementary school, especially with the police swooping around like vultures watching my every move. Maybe I’m alone in this…but I’m pretty sure pick up line is no one’s favorite thing. While I’m grateful I have a small car that won’t accommodate extra children, kudos to those of you who carpool.

We can save you an end of the day pick up line. O.K., so we might not have police swooping around but we do have a tiny parking lot that’s less than ideal to navigate during the post-work rush. Want to save the headache? Ask for our doggie carpool home.

Our transit services are available for picking up, dropping off or of course round-trip service. We service the surrounding area (within 10 miles or so) for $15 each trip but if you live a bit further, we may still be able to accommodate you for a small additional fee.

We hate to brag, but our ride is a little cooler than yours, and the accommodations inside are fit for a pet, although I’m sure the thought of putting your children in crates in your mini van may have crossed your mind. You know how Mom’s have eyes in the back of their head? So do we, except ours is actually a doggie cam so we can see what the dogs are doing in the back (shh, don’t tell the dogs)!

If you want to “carpool” your pup to Camp or have a boarding stay and aren’t sure if you’ll make it out of the airport in time to pick up your pup? Ask the Front Yard team about our transit service next time you’re in or give us a call at 586-445-9663.

Note: If you won’t be home to accept your pet at drop off, you can provide a house key that will remain in our lock box at Camp. That way you can take advantage of our transit services whenever necessary and not have to worry about the timing.


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