Lunch, Who Needs It?

QpyMRwY-1September is responsible pet ownership month and since we’re “part time owners” of your dogs during the day, we’ve been re-evaluating the responsibility we have to your Campers and seeing what we can improve upon.

Our mission statement is, “Happy healthy pets, happy healthy people” and we live by that motto everyday. We’re always educating ourselves on pet health and wellness and feel it’s our responsibility to give you the information you need to make the decisions that are best for your pet.

We know that many of your pets spend the “work day” at Camp and play like it’s their J-O-B but it’s time to re-evaluate if a lunch break is necessary for our four legged friends. After extensive research into data throughout our own Camp, the corporate Camp Bow Wow Franchise, and veterinary studies we feel it’s not necessary for dogs to eat lunch while at Camp.

Aren’t dogs supposed to eat lunch?

Maybe you feel like you’re a bad dog Mom (or Dad) if you’ve checked in without lunch and have seen others with it, you’re not. Every dog has different eating habits and that’s a decision to be made between you and your vet. If your dog is a “free feeder” (you leave the food down all the time) they most likely aren’t eating at Camp. It’s much too exciting here with all their friends to be the kid who’s taken away from his friends to eat.

What if my dog doesn’t finish their breakfast?

Dogs who don’t finish their breakfast are most likely, not hungry for breakfast. Dogs tend not to eat when they’re not hungry (if only it were that easy for us humans!) so when they get home after a day of playing at Camp, they’ll be hungry and their dinner will disappear. They’ll also be tired, so you can rest easy knowing your dog is resting after a meal.

What if my dog is a puppy or has a medical need?

We are always looking out for the best interest of your pet, so if you feel your dog can’t do without lunch, or has a medical reason and they need to be provided lunch during the day at Camp, please let us know. We will always provide the necessary care for each dog.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new policy, please contact us to discuss. Our Camp Ranger, Front Yard Team and Camp Counselors are more than happy answer any questions you may have.


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