Three Ways To Make Back-to-School Night Easier In Grosse Pointe/Saint Clair Shores

dog_booksThe initial stages of “Back-to-School” always mean a stressful time for the parents. Clothes, supplies, class schedules, lunches, extra curricular activities…and on top of all that, you have to show up to your child’s school on back-to-school night to meet and greet the teachers and pretend you aren’t exhausted, stressed out and overwhelmed.

Grosse Pointe Public Schools will be hosting Back-to-School nights for the various grades, and we understand how busy it is…so why not let us take something off your plate and make your night a little easier? Mom’s…don’t get too excited, we still aren’t accepting children or husbands into our daycare program!  We can, however, offer you assistance with your dog(s).

  • Bring them for daycare-Let us tire your pup out all day long, so you can leave for back to school night with a clear conscience, and a happy, tired, dog.
  • Let us drive them home-Too busy rushing to get home from work, not enough time to pick up the dog? Car already full of carpool candidates? No problem. Let them hitch a ride in our canine carpool. We can drive your pup home in our bark-n-ride shuttle for $15. We can deliver them right to your doorstep, we can even let them in ourselves if you give us a key.
  • Let them spend the night-Unlike other boarding facilities, we offer all day play in one of our four play-yards and don’t have restrictions on drop off/pick up times. We don’t believe in hidden charges, that’s one of the things that makes us PAW-some. Did you know for the cost of 1 night of boarding ($45 for 1 dog) you basically get 2 days of daycare (a $58 value, savings of $13)? Yep, drop them off as early as opening time (6:30am) and pick them up as late as closing time (7:00pm) the next night.

Need to make a boarding reservation? Give us a call 586-445-9663 or fill out a request on our website. Hope we helped you ease your back-to-school stress!



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