From A Dogs Perspective-The Walk

I4_w250_h187_s1_PR15_PCffffff am watching you, and I can spell. You can try the W-A-L-K thing all you want, I know what you mean and I’m waiting and watching. To you, it’s a burden and inconvenience, a responsibility, but to me it’s the highlight of my day, I live for the walk.

While you groan and complain with every step and swear you’re never touching another candy bar, I’m enjoying the wind in my hair, the way it hits my face, flows through my ears and down my back and over my tail.

I love the smells and can keep up on all the neighborhood gossip with just one walk. I can tell you who marked my favorite tree, who’s new in the neighborhood, who was a new dog walker and who hasn’t been out in a while.

I strut by the houses with dogs looking out the window longingly from their couch, wishing they were me, and I walk even taller because I am on a walk, I am really living.

The walk reminds me that I’m a dog, and there’s nothing better than being a dog. The walk frees me from obesity, boredom and bad behavior. The walk is my time alone with my human, where I can walk tall by her side, proud to have a home and a family who loves me. I hope my human is walking proud too, proud of the life she’s given me and the love I give to her.

Next time you think I’m not watching, and you think it’s ok to just leave my leash in the closet and distract me with a squeaky toy, remember how much the walk means to me and let’s go!


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