Heat on the Feet-Protect Your Dogs Pads

Hot-Asphalt-Awareness1Summer always fills my head with images of people dropping their sandals and sarongs on the beach and running across the sand into the surf. It’s quite a Kodak moment in my head….but that picture perfect normally goes south about 5 seconds in when your feet feel the scorch of the sand. No matter how quickly you run, you can’t seem to make it to the water fast enough to relieve the burning. It burns, it blisters and it’s extremely painful. Before you lace up your sneakers or slide on your sandals to take your dog for a walk this summer, remember he’s not wearing sneakers and his feet are just as sensitive to the pavement.

Temperatures on asphalt and pavement can exceed 145 degrees and can remain hot even after the sun has gone down. So how do you protect your dogs sensitive pads during the summer months?

  • Test the pavement-Place the palm of your hand or your bare food on the cement for 10 seconds, if it’s too hot for you to handle it’s too hot for your dogs feet.
  • Walk on the grass-If you have the option to walk on a grassy surface as opposed to the cement, take it. The grass is going to be much cooler than the pavement and therefore much easier on your dogs feet.
  • Timing is everything-Don’t walk during the heat of the day. Get out in the early morning before sun is at full heat or wait until the sun goes down before you head out for your walk.
  • Buy protective products-Not all dogs will wear booties but if you have a dog that will tolerate them, by all means take advantage of it (and please send us pictures!). The pads of your dogs feet can be burned and blistered, which is very painful. There are products that help protect against these painful results. Many are wax based and be can applied directly to your dogs feet. Products like Mushers secret, PetFection Paw Cream and others are both preventative and healing.

We keep our Campers safe all summer long with Canine Turf in our outdoor play yards, bone shaped swimming pools to cool down and coated cement flooring that stays nice and cool inside.


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