Spring Break Boarding Reservations

Bella and her friend Briana playing in the snow

Bella and her friend Briana playing in the snow

The snow is finally melting and spring break is just around the corner! In the midst of your vacation planning, don’t forget to plan your dogs “stay-cation”. “boarding season” brings in first time Campers and first time in a long time Campers, so don’t wait until the last minute to bring your dog in for his FREE day of play!We offer a FREE day of play for every new Camper, this is a requirement regardless of if your dog is coming to play for the day or is staying with us overnight(s). This allows your Camper to adjust to us and the environment at Camp. There are a lot of sounds and smells and we feature open play in one of our four indoor/outdoor play-yards. The play yards are separated by size and temperament so it’s important for us to observe your Camper and make sure they’re comfortable here with us and the other dogs before they stay with us. It also helps us identify their ideal play group so we can give them the best Camp experience possible.

Bella's first day at Camp, she didn't want to take even one step away from the door!

Bella’s first day at Camp, she didn’t want to take even one step away from the door!

New Campers are often nervous, it’s different for every dog. Some come running in the door and can’t get to the play yard fast enough, others you practically have to peel away from their parents. We have seen countless different first reactions to Camp but they usually all come out happy Campers in the end!

If your dog has never been to Camp or been boarded before we recommend you schedule your FREE day of play as soon as possible. Some dogs are nervous and it takes them a few times to “warm up” to Camp. We offer a one time special offer for 5 full days of Camp for $100 (savings of $45) after your Camper passes the interview. These 5 visits are usually all it takes to make even the most nervous Camper comfortable at Camp before an overnight(s) stay.

Bella and her friend Briana playing in the snow

Bella and her friend Briana playing in the snow

Bringing your dog for a few days of Camp prior to your boarding stay gives them time to adjust to all thenew things they’ll experience here, so your vacation will turn into their stay-cation. By the time your suitcases are packed they won’t even notice you’re missing and they’ll be excited to come and see their friends. We offer extended stay discounts, so the more you play, the less you pay! Our rates are all inclusive, with no hidden extras. All of our Campers get about 6 to 8 hours of open play and a private cabin for eating and sleeping.

We strive to keep everyone happy and healthy so we do have a few requirements for all of our Campers. If your Camper meets the requirements and you want to schedule your FREE day of play just give us a call 586-445-9663 or request an appointment on our website.

We only accommodate canines here at Camp (thus the name Camp “Bow Wow”) but we offer in-home pet sitting to provide care for non-Campers and other members of the family such as fish, cats, lizards and hamsters. If you’re interested in our Home Buddies program, let us know and we can tell you more about what we can do for your non-canine family members.



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