Four on the Floor Event Wrap Up

no jumping seminarA big thank you to everyone who braved the snow and came out for our FREE “Four on the Floor” seminar. Pet People graciously hosted about 30 of our friends in their brand new store on Mack Ave to celebrate National Train Your Dog Month.

Camp Ranger and Behavior Buddies Certified Trainer Tony Caruso was on-site with a live demo on how to stop your dog from jumping. Jumping is one of the most common, and most annoying bad behaviors but Tony showed us how easy it really is to teach your dog to keep “Four on the Floor”.

The majority of the crowd thought they were doing the right thing by telling their dog “no” or “off” when it jumps, but Tony’s first rule is no contact. No verbal contact, no eye contact, no physical contact until your dog is relaxed with either Four on the Floor, or in a sit. Even negative attention is attention so saying “no” or “off” is actually giving your dog what he wants, your attention!

The second rule is to give attention ONLY when your dog has Four on the Floor or is in a sit position. Contact includes everything, as noted above. No eye contact, verbal communication or physical contact until your dog is calm and has all Four on the Floor. Even negative attention is attention! Resist the urge to correct and reserve attention and affection ONLY when your dog is calm and all Four are on the Floor.

The third rule is low and slow-When your dog has all Four Feet on the Floor, lower your body down by bending at the waist and enter your dogs space in a calm, slow manner to show affection. Raising your voice, rubbing vigorously or standing at your full height can all set your dog up for failure during this learning process. Show your dog positive reinforcement by giving affection and praise ONLY when all four feet are on the floor.

It seems so simple, yet not a single person attending the seminar had tried “NO attention”. Turning your back, raising your leg, using verbal commands like “off” and “down” all have the potential to raise excitement and escalate your dogs behavior. With these three simple steps, each of our demo dogs learned to keep Four on the Floor within minutes. If you really want to speed up the process, try a few small training treats and watch how quickly your dog learns with the proper motivation!

Be sure to tell guests coming into your home about the rules prior to their arrival. If the behavior of the humans is consistent, it will prevent your dog from receiving mixed messages.

All attendees went home with their choice of a Camp Bow Wow travel coffee mug or a Camp Bow Wow wine opener…no worries, we won’t tell which one you picked! Danielle from Warren will be joining us for our next Level One Basic Obedience Class, for FREE! Congrats Danielle, you were the winner of our big drawing for 6 weeks of FREE obedience classes! We look forward to welcoming Charlie (a Miniature Pincher) to the training pack.

All attendees also went home with a generous goodie bag of treats provided by our friends at Pet People and the hope that their dog would soon stop knocking over guests. We’re looking forward to pampering those four paws that are on the floor at our next event, Pamper Your Pooch with PAWdicures. Join us for complimentary paw massage and nail trims!


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