Why Your Little Dog’s Behaviors Are Actually BIG Problems

Charlie Chase

Charlie is an ideal Camper with good manners, he’s showing us his dancing in this photo. The identities of dogs who don’t have good manners have been protected in order to avoid parent shaming.

There is nothing quite like a teacup sized dogs, they have tiny little bodies and very big personalities! While they are cute and cuddly and relatively easy to control, your little dog may be controlling you without you even knowing it. Regardless of the size of your dog, certain behaviors shouldn’t be allowed:

  • Jumping on humans-While it’s cute and not really burdensome when a 4lb Chihuaua jumps up to greet you, this little action can actually be a very big problem. Allowing your dog to disrespect your space and demonstrate bad manners is never a good idea, regardless of your dogs size. Jumping is one of the most common and most annoying bad behaviors. To teach your dog to keep “Four on the Floor” join us for a free seminar on Saturday, January 25th.
  • Growling and barking at people or dogs-When little dogs bark at people or other dogs we think it’s cute that they are trying to show how big they are. While this “Napoleon” syndrome is something we’ve made out to be cute, if an 80lb Pitbull or Rotweiller did it, you’d have a problem with it. The fact is, when a dog is growling at a person or other dog it has no clue what size it is, it’s just reacting to the environment in the moment. The mis-behavior of barking and growling is an attempt to show dominance and establish himself as the pack leader, setting himself above people and other dogs.
  • Leading the walk-Large dogs are taught “the walk” early and many people don’t hesitate to utilize tools that allow them to control their large dog during a walk. I can’t think of anyone who would enjoy being pulled to the ground and drug through the street by a Great Dane, but when our little Shih-Zu is tugging on the leash and trying to lead the way we think it’s cute. The position of the person and walk establishes who’s in charge (pack position). If you’re letting your dog walk you, instead of you walking your dog, you’re allowing them to rule the roost. Regardless of how you feel about the position of the walk, every dog should be taught “loose leash” walking. By having a loose leash, this means the dog is in submission to you and isn’t pulling to get where it wants to go. Being in control of the walk should be easy on your arm (not pulling it out of the socket) and enjoyable for you and your dog.

Words that are used in the dog community such as “dominance”, “pack leader” and “in charge” are often misconstrued. Behavior Buddies uses only positive reinforcement training, which is reward based. Think of these terms in the parenting sense, you wouldn’t let your child boss you around or run your house, so don’t let your dog do it. You wouldn’t let your child run across the street unattended, so don’t let your dog be in charge of the walk. After all, they are our furry four legged children, aren’t they?


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