Romance Round Up

At the end of this long, cold week, we’d like to take a few minutes to update you on the play-yard romance status of some of our favorite Campers. We don’t condone gossip, so we went on a covert mission for solid proof.

ernie and trini camper photo

Trini and her old boyfriend, Ernie G.

We first introduced you to Trini, a little yellow lab, when she became the main squeeze of Camper of the Month, Ernie G. (the Beagle). Trini has since “graduated” to the medium/large play yard and is running with the big boys.


Trini and her new boyfriend, Caesar

It didn’t take her long to make a ton of new friends, including a handsome German Shepard pup named Caesar. Caesar is all feet and ears and is still growing into his lanky puppy body but he is fascinated by everything Trini does and never leaves her side. You can see them here, trying to hold paws while they rest on the play equipment after lunch. Trini is very sweet and well rounded and isn’t completely sure that Caesar is “the one” for her, especially since he was spending SO much time with recent graduate, Ellie, a Golden Retriever puppy who just graduated into the medium/large yard. Apparently, Caesar has a thing for blondes!

Scooter on Santas Naughty List

The perpetually naughty Scooter

Even the littlest Campers have play-yard crushes. The perpetually naughty little Scooter has a soft spot for Girlie, a gorgeous pure white Bischon Frise. While she looks like the girliest of little girls, Girlie is quite the tomboy and loves to play. Scooter forgets his “bad dude” persona whenever she’s around and follows her around lovestruck.


Girlie H., Scooter’s true love

New Camper Tallulah has moved into the small play yard and couldn’t be happier to have met her true love, Artie. It might be his squatty body or perhaps it’s just his gentlemanly ways, but this young’in has her heart set on this older man.  She’s head over heels in love with him, following his every move vying for his attention and affection. She will follow him into the snow and into the furthest edges of the play yard, anything to be near him. Artie is too much of a gentleman to tell her she’s being a bit clingy, we’re just glad Artie’s long-time girlfriend Millie wasn’t at Camp today witnessing this charade. Millie is a very quiet girl but I think she may speak up if she saw the way Tallulah was throwing herself at Artie.

That about sums up the play yard romance developments for the week. For anyone who doesn’t understand why we require our Campers to be spayed and neutered to come to Camp…just picture the offspring of some of these unlikely couples!


Tallulah follows Artie everywhere!


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