Snow Days-Can Dogs Still Have Fun at Camp in the Winter?


Each season at Camp brings unique opportunities for our Campers and winter is no exception. While it’s fun to watch the Campers take a mid-day swim on a hot summer day it’s just as important for them to have a safe place to play in the cold winter months, we do live in Michigan after all!

Winter weather is unpredictable but rest assured that the health and safety of your Camper is always at the forefront of our minds, regardless of the temperature. How do we make sure your Campers are still having fun on these snowy days at Camp?

  • Rotate outdoor play-with four indoor/outdoor play yards keeping constant access to each outdoor yard simultaneously can cause the temperature to plummet quickly. While canines have a warmer body temperature than humans, not all are made to be exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. During the winter we rotate our outdoor play, so the dogs can still frolic in the snow outside, while keeping the indoor temperature consistent.
  • Know the breed-Not every breed of dog is fit for “the elements”. Needless to say the teacup yard Campers aren’t too concerned with playing outside during the winter. They prefer a nice warm heap of cozy blankets to a big pile of cold snow. Other dogs like our Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds and Norwegian Elkhounds are built for the snow and can’t get enough of it. We always take into consideration the breed of dogs in the play yards before determining the amount of outdoor play on extreme weather days.
  • Strategic snow placement-While the nice tall fences that enclose our outdoor play yards are great for keeping dogs in, they unfortunately keep everything else in too! With nowhere for the snow to go, strategic snow placement is a priority of every Camp Counselor during the winter months. The snow gets moved into mounds in the center of the play yard, which serve as a DIY igloo for the dogs and also ensure that we aren’t building a stairway over the fence. The dogs who like to frolic in the snow still have plenty to do so with and the others who prefer to just do their business outdoors and come right back in still have that option.

If your Camper is older or has any joint or health issues that worsen with the cold weather please let us know when you check in. We’re happy to find a nice warm cabin for your Camper to rest in if the elements aren’t to their liking.

Everyday is a great day to be a Camper, regardless of the weather so rest assured that your dog is still having a great time at Camp. I’ve gotta go now, Chuck Gaidica just issued a cuddle alert for the teacup yard!


One response to “Snow Days-Can Dogs Still Have Fun at Camp in the Winter?

  1. Greg

    Harry pickles misses the snow!

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