January is National Train Your Dog Month

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJanuary is National train your dog month and lucky for you, that’s what we’ll be focusing on all month long. Whether your dog is old or new, or just new to you, you can still benefit from training.

Our Behavior Buddies program offers a wide range of training options but choosing which one is right for you and your dog is key. How do you know if your dog needs training and how do you select what kind?

  • Puppy Socialization: if your dog is 20 weeks or under, our puppy socialization hour is perfect for you. This is a Saturday morning social hour (9am to 10am) where your pup can “get his paws wet” in the socialization spectrum.  We will also be going over valuable training tips at the end of each session. This puppy pack is four weeks (Jan 4, 11, 18 and 25) and is $40 for all four sessions. As an added bonus you’ll also receive a free nail trim at Camp and if you participate in all four sessions you’ll be upgraded to a bath package!
  • Private training: If you have recently rescued/adopted a dog and are unsure about the dogs temperament with people and dogs or just want a little guidance about how to acclimate to each other, private training is a great start. Private training is also ideal for dogs who have leash reactivity issues or tend to exhibit aggressive behaviors. Camp Ranger, Tony Caruso has experience with “troubled” dogs with a wide range of behavioral issues. If you are unsure that your dog would behave in a group setting, start with a private session. The hour long one-on-one session will give the trainer a chance to get a feel for your dogs temperament and learn what kind of issues you are having and see them first hand. Sometimes the opinion and direction of a professional is all you need to get you started on the right path. Some dogs may need a combination of private and group training or may have energy related behavior issues that can be solved with  play at Camp. Any behavioral issues that are happening at home can be addressed in a private session. If you have a chewer, barker, a dog with no manners where guests are concerned, etc. the in-home session allows you to address the issues where they are happening. One hour in-home private sessions are $90, or one hour on-site (at our Training Center) are $75.
  • Group Classes: If your dog is exhibiting behaviors that are less than desirable, or you’d like to be in control of your dog instead of vice-verse, group classes are the perfect fit. We offer three levels of Basic Obedience classes, Level 1 addresses all the basic behavior commands: sit, stay, come, leave it, drop it, wait and loose leash walking. We keep our classes small so everyone gets the attention they need and “homework” will be distributed so you can polish up those behaviors throughout the week. The next basic level one obedience class begins on Wednesday, January 8th and will run from 7:15pm to 8:15pm for 6 weeks, the cost for all 6 sessions is $150.

Still not sure which option would suit your needs? No problem, give us a call 586-445-9663 and let us help. We love learning about you and your dogs, even the one’s who misbehave. We’ve heard it all and I guarantee yours isn’t the worst dog we’ve had!


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