The Best New Years Resolution for Your Dog

holiday-new-years-dog4It’s that time of year when we all start reflecting back on the triumphs and trials of the past year. We look forward to the start of the New Year and resolve that the next year will be better than the last. We make steps to make ourselves better, healthier, happier people…but what about our pets? What’s the best New Years resolution for your dog?

The motto of Camp Bow Wow is “Happy healthy pets, happy healthy people”. We know you’re working on the healthy people part, so we’re going to help you out with the happy pet portion.

Follow these three steps to making your dog a happy and healthy:

  • Exercise & Socialization-Even small dogs need to get plenty of exercise. A daily walk isn’t always enough to fulfill your dogs exercise needs. The amount and type of exercise your dog needs depends on their breed, age and other temperament factors. Even the most hyper dog can burn off plenty of energy at Camp playing with friends. Every dog can benefit from socialization, and not just with people. Canine-to-canine socialization is just as important as human-to-canine socialization. Dogs learn behaviors from each other and communicate in a way we can’t even comprehend. Socialized dogs are more well balanced and confident.
  • Mental stimulation-Remember the old say, “idle hands are the devils play thing”…well apply that to your dog’s brain. If your dog isn’t mentally stimulated, he will use that brain power for evil. O.k., maybe not real evil, but the kind of evil that eats your couch and your shoes, destroys his crate, etc.
  • Routine and affection-Structure is important for a balanced life with your dog. A routine feeding and potty schedule is instrumental during the potty training and house breaking phase. Consistency is key in any routine, particularly during training. Be consistent in praise and reward for obeying commands. The more you praise a good behavior, the more likely you are to see it repeated.

Obedience classes fulfill a social and mental need in your dog. Our next basic obedience class starts on Wednesday, January 8th from 7:15pm to 8:15pm for 6 weeks. The cost for all 6 weeks is $150.


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