Holiday Dangers for Your Dog

42694-Cute-Dog-Wrapped-In-Christmas-LightsIn the midst of your festivities don’t forget to be mindful of the items your pet has access to during the holiday season.

The majority of holiday decorations, foods and plants are toxic to your dogs so be sure to inform your guests of these important reminders to keep everyone safe and happy.

Here are the top 5 holiday dangers for your dog:

  1. Decorations-Tinsel and ornaments can be toxic to pets. If you have a puppy, watch out for those lower branches where little teeth have access.  Tinsel is interesting to animals but can be toxic if digested and can be fatal if it reaches the intestines. If you suspect your animal has digested tinsel you should contact your vet immediately.
  2.  Lights and candles-keep the ornaments secure and be mindful of broken ornaments that can be digested. Watch out for the curious chewer as the cord to the lights is a big amusement to them. Make sure candles are in an area pets can’t reach, or risk knocking over.
  3. Ribbon and gift wrap-Just like tinsel, gift wrap ribbon can be fatal to pets, particularly if digested. The ribbon can curl within your pets intestines and be fatal. Be mindful of “decorating” your dog, as that cute ribbon around the collar could quickly become a fatal temptation. Scraps of wrapping paper and tape also look like tasty treats to pets so a quick and thorough cleanup after the presents are opened will eliminate the risk.
  4. Food-Be sure to educate your guests about foods that are fatal to dogs and about your rules for feeding from the table. While a Grandma might want to sneak your pup a scrap make sure it’s not one that could have fatal reprocussions. Chocolate, onions, grapes, fat trimmings and bones can all be fatal. Bones can cause a choking hazard and can splinter and cause lacerations internally. Nuts such as Almonds, Walnuts and Pistachio’s can cause upset stomach and Macadamia nuts can be toxic and are known to cause seizures and neurological disorders
  5. Plants-Feel free to give your dog a kiss under the mistletoe, just don’t let him eat it. Likewise pine needles from real Christmas trees, Holly and Poinsettias.

Those holiday scraps can add up to a quick case of upset stomach or canine obesity so encourage your family and friends to only feed your dog treats you have approved and in moderation. Affection is just as tasty to our four legged friends and I’m sure Fido would settle for a belly rub over a piece of meat any day.


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