Featured Camper of the Month: Briana

Briana RichmondBriana is a female Cocker Spaniel that’s full of energy and happy dances. These wiggle buns love to play with everyone. She was Ernie G.’s original Girlfriend and now that Trini has graduated to the medium play yard, Briana and Ernie are back to their on again-off again ways.

Briana drives from Macomb (well, her Dad does but we’re pretty sure Briana would drive if he let her) to come and play with her friends and she has a lot of them. Briana has been a daycare member since May and has loved Camp since her very first day. She’s never met a dog she doesn’t like and she does a great job welcoming new dogs to the pack. She likes to engage the “wall flowers” and make them feel comfortable her size and confidence allow her to bring out the best in the dogs around her.

Briana may look like the perfect lady and has the manners to match, but don’t let her looks fool you. This girl is a tomboy through and through and likes to run with the big boys! She plays hard and isn’t afraid to get dirty, which is evidenced by her post-play look: slobber on her head and gorgeous ears, stinky feet and a vast array of other things. She gets a wipe down before she leaves to return her to semi-pristine state to hide the evidence of her tomboy actions. We try to keep the illusion that she’s daddy’s little princess, but I think he’s on to her.

Briana wastes no time when she arrives at Camp, as soon as she’s free of her harness she’s running to the play yard to greet her friends and sniff out anyone who’s new. She gets to play with all her friends at Camp before she goes home with her Dad to snuggle in for the night. Briana is currently the only pet at home and she’s pretty near to perfection so it might just stay that way. This “only child” certainly doesn’t have a problem sharing and playing with others, she has a giant heart for such a little dog!


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