What You Need for Training Class

Registration is the first step for training class and after that, the panic sets in when you realize you have no clue what you’re in for.  Don’t worry, everyone feels the same way and we’ve compiled a list of what you need and what you should expect for your level 1 training class. leash and collar

What to bring to your training class

  • Leash-We recommend a 6′ nylon leash, no flexi leads (retractable leashes), slip leads, gentle leaders, easy walk harnesses, etc. in class please. You are welcome to walk your dog in on whatever works for you but during class only a simple leash and collar will be used.
  • Collars-We require quick release collars, they can be Martingale style but no choke collars, pinch or buckle collars please. We do have a variety of collars in various colors and sizes available for purchase at Camp.
  • Treat bag or pouch-You’ll want an easily accessible bag or pouch to store your treats. We have adjustable waist pouches specifically made for training available for purchase but you’re welcome to use anything that will work for you. The more free your hands can be, the better!
  • Lots of small, soft treats-We use only positive reinforcement training so treats are a big motivator for most dogs, especially one’s they don’t get often. These should be very small and something different from the treats you give at home. No crunchy treats are allowed, the hard treats are distracting to the learning process and will divert your dogs attention. You want something nice and soft that can be eaten quickly and that’s very small because hopefully your dog will be earning a lot of treats!
  • Proof of Vaccinations-We require up to date Bordetella, Rabies and Distemper vaccinations for all Campers and training customers. Providing vaccinations and a completed Camper Application will streamline

What to expect from your first training class

  • Noise-Although we keep all of our classes small (8-10), the energy on the first night of class can get pretty rowdy. Rest assured your dog will be excited and they all want to meet, mix and mingle. This is normal on the first class. As they get acclimated it will be a much more controlled environment. If your dog is continually disruptive and not able to participate in a group setting then the trainer will discuss private training sessions and other options.
  • Nerves-The humans are generally more nervous than the dogs, and each one is convinced their dog will be the “worst”. Don’t worry…you are all in the class for the same reason, so unite over your dogs naughty behavior and turn them into the perfect pet by the time class is done.
  • Homework-Yes, there will be homework. The class is only part of the training process, you do have to practice at home and make sure you are reviewing and mastering commands each week. It takes time and patience so enlist the help of other family members if necessary.

When to start training class

There’s no time like the present and the sooner you start training classes the better. Our next session begins on December 11th (Wednesday evenings) 5:45p.m. to 6:45p.m and runs for 6 weeks. The classes are $150 total and cover the basic obedience commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “leave it” and “wait”.

For more information about our training classes or to get you and your dog registered for our next class give us a call at Camp or send an email to SCS@CampBowWow.com


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