Featured Camper of the Month-Jenna Dog

jenna dog on play equipJenna Dog is our favorite crazy old lady. She’s a tad on the senile side but that only makes us love her more. Jenna Dog started coming to Camp at the ripe old age of 11. She was rescued several years before but never socialized. She came to Camp with her tail between her legs (literally) and hid in the corner of the small yard. Now Jenna Dog is running with the big dogs in the large play yard and is the “queen of the mountain” every morning on the play equipment.

This Shepard/Collie mix has the quirkiest personality of any of our Campers. She is a bit senile, some mornings she forgets she likes Camp until we give her her normal greeting “Hi J-Diggity, tell me about your night”. Then she tells us a story on the way back to the play yard.

A year after her Camp debut, Jenna Dog is no longer slinking away in corners. She marches proudly to the large yard where she enters with a presence that isn’t to be trifled with and claims her rightful place as queen of the play yard on top of the play equipment.

Jenna enjoys the early mornings when she’s one of the only dogs in the play yard, so she gets the Camp Counselor all to herself. Being the queen of the mountain has its advantages, like being able to see who’s coming to play next.

Jenna’s closest friends are Molson (a male Brittany) and the newest member of the large yard, Holly (a Collie mix). She’s friendly with everyone but likes to observe from her perch, she takes her job as play yard monitor seriously. She is, after all here for a full work day 5 days a week.  We’re happy to have a responsible “adult” helping us out in the play yards, even if she does sometimes forget who she is.


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