Featured Adoptable Dog-Frankie

Frankie IMG_4646Meet adoptable dog Frankie, a.k.a. “wiggle buns”. Frankie is a 9-month old Boxer mix that might just be the happiest boy we’ve ever seen! Frankie is full of puppy delight and can’t stop dancing, he would certainly win a play yard dance competition with that famous wiggle.

Frankie is an energetic but easy going boy that gets along great with other dogs. He’s currently in a foster home where he’s learning his manners and basic obedience commands.  Frankie loves to play in the “big yard” at Camp and romps around with other Boxers, Rottweiler’s, German Shepard’s and Labrador Retrievers.  He can keep up with the biggest, fastest dogs and although he may stumble over his own paws now and again he’s more than happy to play all day with anyone who can keep up.

We feel compelled to warn you that Frankie is slightly dangerous, his tail could rival the famous whip of Indiana Jones; so watch out for your knee caps because this happy boy always has his tail wagging.

“Boys will be boys” and Frankie is no exception. He is a little brindle power house with a mind of his own but is responsive to instruction and structure. Frankie has been responsive to basic obedience commands and would benefit from an experienced dog owner who can continue providing structure and love.

If you are interested in this cute adoptable dog, Frankie, contact our friends at the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society by phone 313-884-1551 or email corinne@gpaas.comcastbiz.net. Meet other adoptable dogs at the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society adoption event on Saturday, Nov. 9th from noon until 3p.m. at our training center (23720 Greater Mack, by Pet Supplies Plus).


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