Camper of the Month-Ernie G.

ernie g. camper of the month photo

Ernie is ready for his close up!

We can’t give you Ernie’s full last name because we have to protect the identity of one of our most notorious campers. Aside from being devastatingly handsome, Ernie is quite popular with the ladies and is a proud member of the “Beagle brigade”. Ernie has been a Camper since February 2012 and started out cranky and unsure of Camp. He’s still cranky at times (Ernie would prefer to sleep in as opposed to waking up early to accommodate his parents work schedule) but we love his unique personality and his lusciously long Beagle ears.

Ernie is a cool customer, but the ladies love him. He prefers to be approached and he always is, the ladies can’t resist him. He had a relatively steady girlfriend named Briana (a black Cocker Spaniel) but their romance dwindled when Ernie took the summer off from Camp to be with his humans. Briana has taken to “playing the turf” and is keeping her options open while Ernie has found himself a new girlfriend named Trini.

Ernie’s best friends are daycare members Joey and Phoebe, who are also Beagles. Ernie and Joey look a lot alike and sometimes Ernie tries to pretend to be Joey so he can get in Joey’s cabin for lunch. His attempts have been unsuccessful but it doesn’t stop him from trying.

Ernie holds the long notes in the Beagle choir with his Walrus sounding Beagle Bay and doesn’t have a problem speaking up about how he’s feeling. We’re so happy Ernie has acclimated to the pack and brings his spunky personality (and his luscious ears) to Camp.

ernie and trini camper photo

Ernie and his new main squeeze, Trini


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