Boarding Dogs with Special Needs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery dog is unique and we love learning about your Campers “quirks” when they play at Camp or come to stay, but some of their unique qualities come from special needs that require special attention. So what do you do with your dog that has health restrictions, allergies, a special diet, etc? You board them at Camp Bow Wow!

Your Dogs Special Needs

Many dogs have health concerns that need to be taken very seriously. Our goal is to provide the same quality of care for your dog when they are in our care as you would provide at home. There are a few basic ways we are always providing that special care for your Camper but we always take your expertise into consideration and will spend as much time with you as necessary during the interview and check-in process to make sure we get it just right.

Boarding dogs with allergies

  • Food allergies-Yep, it’s true. Dogs have allergies, even to peanut butter! We always recommend you bring your own food when boarding because it’s less likely to upset your dogs stomach. A drastic change in diet isn’t healthy for your dog and we don’t want them to go on a hunger strike if they don’t like our house food. We take special precautions regarding feeding and place each dogs food is in a self-contained bin to avoid cross contamination. All bins are labeled with your Campers name, cabin number, date of check-out, quantity and times they eat and any other special considerations. Our house treats contain peanut butter so if your dog is allergic or you prefer them not to have our treats you are welcome to bring your own and we can put a note on their account regarding treats.
  • Skin allergies-If your dog is prone to skin allergies or has sensitive skin, etc just let us know. Our bath products are oatmeal based and are sensitive but effective, Campers with even the most sensitive skin love a good oatmeal bath. Love that “just got bathed” smell but your dog can’t have perfume? No problem, just let us know and we’ll skip the extra spritz on their way out the door. Some dogs only have allergies at certain times of year, if your dog has an allergy medication or cream just bring it with you at check-in and we will fill out a medical card and make sure they receive treatment as necessary.

Boarding dogs who require medication

Unlike other boarding facilities we don’t have a fee for medication administration. We can administer any medication that isn’t an injectable  (no needles).

We take medication very seriously and have a strategic process for tracking medications.

  • Data Dawg-Our data processing system keeps track of all our Campers and their individual needs. We can enter medication right into their profile and it prints on their run card that goes on their cabin.
  • Medical cards-Every camper who is on medication gets a bright yellow card attached to their run card with the medication name, pill count, administration instructions, time it’s given, etc. All medications are distributed by one Camp Counselor and then double checked by another.

Boarding dogs who have health and mobility restrictions

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…and that includes teaching them they are old and need to slow it down a bit. We love senior dogs who think they are puppies, unfortunately their bodies can’t always keep up with the young pups. Don’t worry, we’ll play “bad cop” and put them in for a break in the afternoon if you request it.

Dogs with mobility restrictions, whether due to age or post-surgery, injury, etc are still more than welcome to be Campers. Just let us know how long you’d like them to play and rest and we will see to it.

Although we can provide breaks for dogs with special needs we cannot accept dogs for either day-care or boarding who aren’t friendly to other dogs, even if you request they be on no play. This is why the interview process is so important and is required for all new Campers. For everyone’s safety we do not allow same day interview and boarding reservations.

If you’re concerned about how we can meet your Campers special needs don’t hesitate to contact us!


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