Ice Cream Fundraiser-Cones for a Cause

BiancaFor those of us who cherish our four legged family members it’s nearly impossible to grasp the number of pets that are abused, neglected and abandoned each day. Many of these pets have been given the care they need and placed into loving homes by rescue organizations such as the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society (GPAAS). This year alone GPAAS has taken in 300 animals, and it’s only August.

Cones for a cause

We talk about fundraising and donations and we put on cute events like the end of summer ice cream social to celebration  the countless hours of hard work the staff and volunteers provide for these animals but we rarely think of the “funds” behind the fundraising and what it actually takes to save the lives of these precious creatures. It’s about more than just ice-cream cones, it’s about the cause.

In the best case scenario, a dog coming to the shelter will need a medical exam ($39) and vaccinations ($25). Unfortunately the best case scenarios are far and few between and with the quantity of animals coming to the shelter the expenses add up quickly.

The purpose of GPAAS

The Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society provides medical care including exams, vaccinations, sterilization, heartworm testing and treatment and preventative care for heartworm and fleas. Aside from medical treatment they provide affection, shelter, food, grooming, temperament testing and socialization.

The pets of GPAAS

Last month, four puppies arrived at the shelter with the preventable but deadly Parvo-Virus. The lack of this basic vaccination cost two of the puppies their lives and the other two survived countless prayers and an extensive round of treatment ($1,000 each puppy).

Bianca was found wandering the streets in obvious need of medical care and was brought to the shelter by the young couple who found her. A veterinary exam showed that Bianca had most likely given birth to a litter of puppies 24 hours prior. Because of the prompt veterinary care Bianca’s life was saved, but her puppies were never found. Bianca also tested heartworm positive and needs treatment in order to cure the virus so she can be spayed. First and foremost Bianca needs a foster home for approximately 8 weeks so she can begin treatment. She needs a quiet environment where she can be monitored and where her activity can be restricted as necessary as she recovers. The preventative for heartworm is relatively inexpensive when you consider the cost of Bianca’s treatment, which is now over $1,000. In addition to her heartworm treatment Bianca needs to be spayed to prevent another pregnancy; which could cost her life.

The power of your purchase

GPAAS is powered by volunteers and the fearless leadership and endless drive of Executive Director, Corinne Martin and it’s funded by the generous donations of people like you, who cherish your four legged family members and have the heart to help the animals who aren’t so fortunate.

Every contribution is a step in the right direction. If a raffle isn’t your cup of tea consider making a donation. Here is an idea of what your donation can accomplish:

  • $10-provides a day of socialization and temperament testing for 1 dog,  or a collar
  • $15-provides a bag of food for small dogs, grooming, or antibiotics
  • $25-vaccinates 1 dog or provides 1 bag of food
  • $50-vaccinates 2 dogs, provides 1 heartworm test or 2 bags of food
  • $100-vaccinates 5 dogs, provides 2 heartworm tests or 4 bags of food
  • $200-sterilizes 1 dog, provides 4 heartworm tests or 8 bags of food
  • $200+-contributes to the rescue of dogs like Ivana and Trooper (the “Parvo Puppies”), the sterilization of Bianca or a partial payment for her heartworm treatment.

Join us Wednesday, August 21st at the Camp Bow Wow Training center to celebrate the end of summer with the “Foster Failures”, GPAAS alumni, volunteers, and Camp Bow Wow friends and have a cone for a cause, right from the Wally’s Ice Cream Truck!

  • Raffle tickets for a fancy-schmancy gift basket that any pet owner will love are available at Camp Bow Wow St. Clair Shores, 3 tickets for $5 or 7 tickets for $10. No donation is too big or small and even $5 in raffle tickets gives you a chance to win a basket valued at $100!
  • Have your dog’s picture taken with the Wally’s Ice Cream Truck ($10) by PETographer Barb, and take your keepsake print home with you when you leave.
  • Donations for Ice Cream (human and canine) are also welcome and all proceeds will benefit the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society.
  • Friendly, leashed pets are welcome so bring your dog and mix and mingle with your dogs Camp friends and meet their “people”.

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